Sunday, January 6, 2008

Juno, the movie


I must admit that I am reluctant to give this movie my ringing endorsement, since the evangelists want to claim it as a win for the pro-life establishment. But, who wouldn't want to claim this movie? I can't blame them.

Juno is a thoughtful character (and movie) with acumen and alacrity. She explores her options, even visiting an abortion clinic, and ultimately decides to have the baby to be adopted by a desperate couple. I do not see that, in any way, as a testimony to the 'pro-life sect'.

The crux of the issue inherently boils down to the true meaning of choice. Despite the portrayal of the pro-choice movement by it's opponents, it is not flatly pro-abortion. A women should be able to choose whatever course is right for her, whether it be abortion or not; she should not be forced to unconditionally have the baby. Juno is able to make a decision for herself, and thus, I can say, unequivocally-- AWESOME.